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The life you want, the relationships you Want, the dreams you have for your family are fueled by the real estate business you build...
The Next 'Real Estate Sales Funnel'
Challenge Starts on March 16th...
Registration Ends May 16ET 9:00PM!
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In Your Real Estate Career, Have You Ever Looked In The Mirror And Said "Wow, I Thought I Would Be More Successful By Now"
What Does The...
"Real Estate Funnel Challenge"
Mean To You?...
From: Cheryl Spangler
Where: Alexandria, Virginia 
...The Real Estate Sales Funnel Story

What does the 'Real Estate Sales Funnel Challenge' mean for you...?

For every real estate agent it will be different...

For some of you, you just got your license and don't have a clue how to quickly grow your real estate business with effective online strategies.

For others, you are established real estate agents...but you're stuck and not growing and you are not sure why.

And for others of you, you're looking for that one sales funnel that will give you freedom, allow you to give more value to your customers and impact people more.

Before I share with you MY GOAL for this 'Sales Funnel Challenge... let me ask YOU a few questions...
Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!
Are you just getting started, and have NO IDEA where to start
Are you in a dead end prospecting circle you hate, and you want to start lead generation that actually brings you results?
Do you have a real estate business that's been successful, but for some reason you're feeling stuck
Are you trying to figure out a way to reach more people, or have a bigger impact on your clients/niche market?
Are you convinced that you need a sales funnel, but not sure where or how to start?
Are you about to pull your hair out trying to get all the things you pay for to work together seamlessly only to STILL feel totally overwhelmed and confused at getting it all to work - i.e. automation!?
If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then I Want To Invite You To Join The 'Real Estate Sales Funnel Challenge'  And Change Your Real Estate Business Forever
Here Is How The Challenge Works...
The Challenge costs $27 to join - Those who invest in themselves take it seriously.

LIVE Video Every Morning at 9:00AM EST

Each day there will be new live videos and each one will be a new mission for you to take action on that day. The LIVE videos WILL stay on the page, if you happen to miss the Livestream.  Videos will stay up for the remaining 14 days and then everything disappears.

Action Worksheet Delivered To Your Email Daily

When you finish that video for the day, there's going to be some kind of task for you to do and I need you to do it. During these fourteen days we will show you (and I say we, because I might have some surprise guest speakers come on during this two week time frame)..together we will show you how to get super clear about your target market, build a message around it, creating marketing that is irresistible and then learn how to develop a high converting funnel of your own. 

Facebook Participation Daily

I'm going to lay down the groundwork, do a LIVE STREAM video every morning where you can ask questions get value and interact with others going through the same thing you are.  The average attention span of a human being today is seven seconds and having a BIG old website full of content is only making it worse for you. Your website is literally blocking people from giving you business and ultimately money. We are going to talk about hook, story, offer and what grabs your customers, getting their attention and increasing your value along the way until you start noticing that everyone that sees your content starts clicking on your ads. That's the magic of the Real Estate Sales Funnel Challenge.

Understand the 'Dream 100' In Detail

I will hold your feet to the fire and making sure you get each task done and sharing your results with others. It's the power of direct market messaging, publishing stories for your market, squeeze pages, sales pages, offers (meaning value to your clients) Value and the word offer simply refers to what services you offer that crush your competition and how you present your services and yourself online. You will learn how to fill your lead page with traffic, non-stop traffic for little to no money by building out your "dream 100". So if you are thinking "I don't have any money" then this part is for you - you need the Dream 100.

*BONUS* THREE FREE Income Funnels

Everyone who participates and completes the challenge will be given THREE High Converting Funnels for free. BUYER FUNNEL that will attract buyers in certain price ranges by advertising pre-built lists for high-demand neighborhoods. NEW LISTING FUNNEL, this just listed funnel is amazing at attracting unrepresented buyers for your new listing.  SELLER GUIDE FUNNEL, this super converting offer gives the seller a free home guide.  Start conversations with sellers before any other agent. 
Your Challenge Is To TAKE ACTION And Complete The Tasks Given To You,
Every Day For 14 Days 
Here Is More Detail About What You're Going To Get During 14-Day Real Estate Funnel Challenge
1. Massive Clarity
  •  What is a Real Estate Sales Funnel? Learn what makes a Rich Niche Real Estate Entrepreneur using Sales Funnels different from any other real estate agent out there.
  •  Your Who: Who are the people you are uniquely qualified to serve right now at this season in your real estate career.
  •  Your What: What problems will you be helping them solve. 
  •  Your How? How to create and deliver your real estate services so you can create a massive positive impact for your clients PROFITABLY. 
2. How To Create Irresistible Value (and offer)
  • Learn a Step By Step process for creating an offer of services in real estate that your ideal clients are already needing and wanting and will call you for help.
  •   An offer that you will feel 100% great about sharing and promoting because you know it has real value.
3. Marketing The Message
  •  Learn powerful communication and copywriting skills necessary to powerfully and effectively share your message with your target market.
  •  Determine where, and how to get your message out to your ideal prospects.  
  •  We will cover Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, e-mail, SEO, Networking, Influencer Marketing, Direct Mail, Radio, Print Advertising and more to help you determine how to as profitably as possible get the attention of and convert your ideal customers.
4. Delivering Value
  •   Identify the ideal sales process for your niche market in real estate
  •  Determine which traffic and ad types will be best to market your services
  •  Learn how to build a highly effective real estate sales funnel for converting traffic into customers. 
  •  Design and implement a real estate sales funnel needed to deliver massive value, so you can turn customers into raving fans.
5. Traffic and Conversion
  •  Identify the ideal place to be placing your ads.
  •  How to right powerful ad copy that gets the attention of your ideal customer / niche market.  
  •  Identify the right type of sales funnel to use to maximize conversion.    
  •  How to build the simplest and most effective, highly converting funnel for your business
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